15 Super Easy Recipe Ideas For The Super Bowl Game

15 Super Easy Recipe Ideas For The Super Bowl Game

Here you have a list of Gabitza’s Green Kitchen 15 super easy recipe food ideas that can be made for your

Super Bowl Party

this year.

You can also make some of these dishes if you need to bring something to the party besides chips and napkins. 🙂

Have fun and let the best ones win!

1. Red Chile Nuts

 super easy to make and they are delicious. spicy, a little bit sweet, a little bit salty, great as a snack!

Red chile Nut Mix7

2. Cream Cheese Dip

I don’t have to explain this one to you. Simply delicious!

Cream cheese and bacon dip1

3. Pico De Gallo with Tuna-Traditional Mexican Recipe

Fresh and great tasting! Serve it with good saltine crackers! It will disappear in no time!

Pico de gallo qith tuna

4. Smoked Trout Dip with Mayo

What a great recipe and how perfect it is as an appetizer! I hope you try it!

Smoked Trout dip

5.Sausage Pumpkin Pinwheels Appetizers

Easy to make, easy to eat and delicious! You can replace the pumpkin puree with your favorite tomato sauce and make a “pizza “like appetizer everyone will love!

sausage pumpkin pinwheels1

6.Chicken Breast Schnitzel

This a great one! Cut the chicken breast in stripes and toss them in flour and egg, then fry them. You will have the perfect finger food! Make sure you buy lots of chicken breasts, your guests will fight over them! Also, great for the kids instead of the chicken nuggets!

Chicken Schnitzel

7. Easy No Breading Fried Chicken

Chicken like my grandma used to make. You have to try it at least once.

fried chicken

8. Lentil Quinoa Salad with Corn Salsa from Trader Joe’s

For the ones who have a Trader Joe’s close by, I would really recommend this recipe.

Goes really well with the chicken schnitzel or the fried chicken, it is colorful and good for you.

Lentil Quinoa Salad

9. Authentic Mexican Tinga de Pollo – Chicken in Chipotle Tomato Sauce

This is the most popular recipe on my blog. If you like Mexican Food and even if you don’t, you should try it. Buy some corn tortillas and make tacos out of it, like the traditional way. Enjoy!

tinga de pollo

10.Romanian Cheese Straws with Black Caraway Seeds

This is an awesome recipe that goes great with beer. No Black Caraway Seeds?

Replace them with regular caraway, poppy seeds or sesame.

Cheese Sticks

11. Easy Authentic Mexican Picadillo With Potatoes

Again, one of the great dishes of Mexico. Goes well with a glass of white wine. Serve it with warm corn tortillas as tacos or tortilla chips.


12. Chili Soup With Chipotle And Chocolate

I don’t think I need to present this one…It is one of the most loved dishes of America and this soup is probably planned to be made in many households for the Super Bowl game. Comforting and awesome if you add some chocolate to it!

Chili Soup with Chocolate

13. Easy Delicious Chickpeas With Spanish Chorizo

If you are not in the mood for some Chili soup, then maybe you would like to try this recipe. Spanish Chorizo is different than Mexican one and chickpeas are delicious. Great Spanish recipe!

Garbanzos with Chorizo

14. Authentic Mexican Capirotada- Bread Pudding

You need some dessert, right? Here you have a delicious recipe of this bread pudding. It has cheese. And almonds. And raisins. And cinnamon. And it is delicious and easy to make.


15. Super Easy Lemon Bars

And finally, some lemon bars that everyone loves. I promised you an easy recipe and this is the one. Make sure you make a double batch of these God sent delicious lemon bars!

Lemon Bars

So, this is my list! I hope you will enjoy it! Please share and don’t forget to look for me on the Social Media!

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